2017/2018 Renewals are now Open!!
You can Renew your License Online - Renew License Link www.membersbase.com/NCALBRenew/

License Renewal Applications have been mailed to those who have satisfied their CE requirements.  All licenses expire on June 30 and must be renewed by this date in order to avoid a late renewal fee.

In addition to the standard mail-in renewal option, the renewal application you receive in the mail will include instructions for OPTIONAL online renewal and payment. Please read the instructions carefully and if you renew by mail write legibly so that the correct information is documented for you.


The North Carolina Auctioneers Law, Chapter 85B of the General Statutes, became effective July 1, 1973. The Law stipulates that there shall be a five-member Commission, known as the Auctioneer Licensing Board, having the powers and responsibilities set out in this Chapter. Members are appointed by the Governor. By law, three members may be from nominations submitted by the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina; at least three members must be licensed auctioneers; one member is appointed to represent the public at large, and cannot be licensed. 

The Auctioneer Licensing Board operates in accordance with the Executive Budget Act, within an approved budget, with operational activities of the Board and its staff supported totally by license fees collected from those in the auction profession.