Disciplinary Results

Deen, Robert Eugene  NCAL# 9520  (Oak City, NC)

Robert Eugene Deen voluntarily surrendered his auctioneer license effective March 6, 2020.

DeSourdy, Brandon Alan  NCAL# 9457  (Charlotte, NC)

Following an Administrative Hearing, Brandon Alan DeSourdy received a two (2) year suspension with conditional reactivation on April 11, 2016 for violations of NCGS 85B-7(a) No licensee shall conduct an auction in this State without first having a written agreement with the owner of any property to be sold. The agreement must contain the terms and conditions upon which the auctioneer received the goods for sale. The licensee shall provide the owner with a signed copy of the agreement and shall keep at least one copy for his own records for two years from the date of the agreement. Copies of all contracts shall be made available to the Commission or its designated agent upon request., NCGS 85B-7(d) The sales records shall contain an adequate description of the items sold and must be sufficient to positively identify the owner of the property., NCGS 85B-7.1(a) All settlement statements shall be signed by the licensee or the licensee's agent and by the person receiving the disbursement, NCGS 85B-8(a)(3) Any failure to account for or to pay over within a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days, funds belonging to another which have come into the licensee's possession through an auction sale., 21 NCAC 4B.0404(a)(11) being incompetent in practice., 21 NCAC 4B.0404(a)(12) engaging in unprofessional conduct., 21 NCAC 4B.0404(a)(16) failure to properly make the disclosures required by 21 NCAC 4B .0405., 21 NCAC 4B.0405(b) All auctioneers, apprentice auctioneers and auction firms, including their principals and designated person(s), shall report to the Board any and all civil suits involving them that are based upon any allegation of gross negligence, dishonesty, fraud, misrepresentation or incompetency, or that in any way involve an auction sale or a transaction related to an auction matter or auctioneering. The Board must receive written notice of any such civil suit within 30 days of the date the complaint in the suit is served on the defendant in the action, or the date a pleading containing one or more of these allegations is served on a party., 21 NCAC 4B.0603(g) Each auctioneer/firm shall keep such accounts and records as will disclose at all times the handling of funds in such Custodial Accounts for Sellers Proceeds. Accounts and records must at all times disclose the names of buyers and the amount of purchase and payment from each, also, the names of the sellers and the amount due and payable to each from funds in the Custodial Account for Sellers Proceeds. The names of the buyers and amount of purchase and payment from each related to an individual seller shall be delivered to the seller within 14 days of a written request made within 90 days of settlement of a specific auction.

Dodgen, Grover Daryl  NCAL# 6825  (Greenwood, SC)

Effective February 10, 2011, Mr. Dodgen's auctioneer's license was revoked for failure to sign a contract and to pay for items sold at auction. This is a violation of G.S.85B-7(a),G.S. 85B-7.1(a) and (b) and G.S. 85B-8(a)(3) and (7). Mr. Dodgen waived his right to appeal as allowed by law and agreed to the Board`s findings of violations.

Durren, Melissa Faye  NCAL# 9522  (Elizabeth City, NC)

Pursuant to a Consent Order entered into between the licensees and the Board, Corner Market Auctions, Spencer Andrus, and Melyssa Durren each received a ninety (90) day suspension for violations of N.C.G.S. 85B-7(a) involving signed contracts and N.C.G.S. 85B-7.1(a) involving signed settlement statements. The suspensions were abatable to zero (0) days suspensions if the licensees successfully completed certain auction law educational requirements and paid a civil penalty to the Board in the amount of $250.00 prior to May 9, 2020. The conditions were met, and the suspensions were fully abated on May 1, 2020.