Obtaining a License: Apprentice Auctioneer

Apprentice Auctioneer License

No person shall be licensed as an apprentice auctioneer if the person:

  • is under 18 years of age;
  • is not a high school graduate or the equivalent;
  • has within the preceding five years pleaded guilty to, entered a plea of nolo contendere or been convicted of any felony, or committed or been convicted of any act involving fraud or moral turpitude;
  • has had an auctioneer, apprentice auctioneer, or auction firm license revoked; or
  • has, within the preceding five years, committed any act that constitutes grounds for license suspension or revocation under N.C.G.S. 85B or 21 NCAC 4B.

An “Apprentice Auctioneer” is defined as a person, not otherwise exempt from N.C.G.S. 85B, who conducts or offers to conduct auctions in the State of North Carolina, much like an auctioneer except that the Apprentice Auctioneer is guided by stricter standards. This is an individual who is supervised by a sponsor auctioneer and who in addition to calling bids, contracts for auctions, accepts consignments of items for sale at auction, advertises an auction, offers items for sale at auction, accepts payment or disburse monies for items sold at auction, or otherwise, solicits, arranges, sponsors, or manages an auction or holds themselves out as an apprentice auctioneer.

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