Disciplinary Results

Heller, Thomas B.  NCAL# 6043  (Stuart, FL)

Effective April 10, 2000, Thomas Heller's auctioneer license was revoked indefinitely for failing to account for or to pay within a reasonable time funds that belong to another; for acts of conduct in connection with a sales transaction which demonstrates bad faith or dishonesty; and for failing to possess truth, honesty and integrity sufficient to be entitled to the high regard and confidence of the public. Following an investigation into this matter, the Board found probable cause to revoke Thomas B. Heller's auctioneer license and referred the matter to the Office of Administrative Hearings as prescribed by Chapter 150B. Thomas Heller failed to respond as required and the Board revoked Thomas Heller's license indefinitely as allowed by law.

Henderson Auction Gallery  NCAL# 9664  (Louisburg, NC)

Ms. Brigandi voluntarily surrendered Henderson Auction Gallery's firm license effective November 5, 2015.

Effective May 11, 2015, Henderson Auction Gallery received a Letter of Reprimand for the following violations: NCGS 85B-7.1(a) All settlement statements shall be signed by the licensee or the licensees agent and by the person receiving the disbursement; NCGS 85B-8(a)(3) Any failure to account for or to pay over within a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days, funds belonging to another which have come into the licensees possession through an auction sale; and, NCGS 85B-8(a)(7) Commingling the funds or property of a client with the licensees own or failing to maintain and deposit in a trust fund or escrow account in an insured bank or saving and loan association located in North Carolina funds received for another person through sale at auction. Ms. Michele T. Brigandi waived her right to appeal as allowed by law and agreed to the Board`s findings of violations.

Hutchins, Jr., Clyde Williams   NCAL# 9080  (Stoneville, NC)

Pursuant to a Consent Order, Clyde Williams Hutchins, Jr. received a thirty (30) day suspension for violation of 21 N.C.A.C. 4B .0404(a)(5) auctioneering at an unlicensed auction firm sale. The suspension was abatable to zero (0) days suspension if the licensee successfully completed certain educational conditions prior to May 1, 2019. The educational conditions were met, and the suspension was fully abated on April 29, 2019.