Disciplinary Results

VanHoy, Clint Derwin   NCAL# 8429  (Union Grove, NC)

Effective November 24, 2015, Clint Derwin VanHoy, auctioneer license NCAL #8429, was suspended for 1 year and that the 1 year suspension be abated 45 days after receipt of Suspension Letter if the following conditions are met: 1) Mr. VanHoy not engage in any auctioning activities during the 45 days of active suspension, 2) view the Video on Laws/Rules, 3) read the NC Auctioneers Laws/Rules Book, 4) sign an affidavit and return to the Board confirming each of the above requirements. Mr. VanHoy violated the following Laws/Rules, NCGS 85B-7 (a) No licensee shall conduct an auction in this State without first having a written agreement with the owner of any property to be sold. NCGS 85B-1 (4) Absolute Auction means the sale of real or personal property at auction in which the item offered for auction is sold to the highest bidder without reserve, without the requirement of any minimum bid, and without competing bids of any type by the owner, or agent of the owner, of the property. 85B-8(a)(4) Any false misleading, or untruthful advertising, and, 21 NCAC 4B .0602(d) It shall be a violation of these Rules to advertise an item, either real or personal, as Absolute or Without Reserve if the item is subject to confirmation, minimum bid, or any other condition of sale. Mr. VanHoy waived his right to appeal as allowed by law and agreed to the Board`s findings of violations.

Varsha, Alon  NCAL# 5889  (Van Nuys, CA)

Effective November 1, 1999, Alon Varsha's auctioneer license was suspended indefinitely for falsely answering statements on an initial application, for falsely answering statements on renewal applications and for failing to provide documents or information required by the Board. Following an investigation into this matter, the Board found probable cause to suspend or revoke Alon Varsha's auctioneer license and referred the matter to the Office of Administrative Hearings as prescribed by Chapter 150B. Alon Varsha failed to respond as required and the Board suspended Alon Varsha's license indefinitely as allowed by law.